Motorwolf 026 - Organisms - 10" the hague noise rock outfit, post-spider rico, ex-incense

Motorwolf 027 - Dzjenghis Khan - Hey You LP/CD the second khan album, freak-out fuzz-funk meats hardcandy cock rock from the groovy early superseventies

Motorwolf 028 - Lucid - 10" ex-incense space acid/fuzz rock blast-out

Motorwolf 029 - Catacumbas LP - anal wonderland lp/cd extremely retarded trash punk/garage blues/drug rock from italia, like gories on acid, fans of unholy swill/drunks with guns/leather donut will LOVE this!

Motorwolf 030 - Drug Rock Motor Punk III CD 21 bands, 80 minutes of heavy retardedness, featuring a.o. orange sunshine, adolf butler, annihilation time, church of misery, dzjenghis khan, santa cruz, blues junkies, six ft. hick & more!

Motorwolf 031 - Santa Cruz - what is love? (crystal meth boogie) one-sided 12" fully transparant release of a very sinister, very insane, very dramatic and very heavy psychedelic/psychotic doom/drone/boogie/boner rock song of 16 minutes, orange sunshine's black ritual acid rock drug metal project!


MOTORWOLF 012 - Orange Sunshine - Homo Erectus - LP ORANGE VINYL
- Heavy psychedelic motorblues/'69 hard rock. :::::reissue on Leafhound records still great 3D cover plus Bonus Tracks.

MOTORWOLF 015 - Orange Sunshine - Love=Acid/Space=Hell - LP/CD
:::::A really great Hard rock'n'roll album with some Bo Diddley swing. Yet another dimension to the versatility and musicianship of Orange Sunshine.

MOTORWOLF 018 - V.A. - Den Haag Motor Rock Vol. 2 -
MP3, 25 raw rock bands from metro The Hague, Holland's hard-rockin' federal district. free download from

MOTORWOLF 021 - Motorwolf - Bad Acid - LP
13 retarded and obscure motorpunk soundtracks for an imaginary drugged-out andtwisted road movie, excavated from the underground vaults of the Motorwolf recording facilities, produced by Orange Sunshine's Guy Tavares c.s. and featuring members of many of his bands:Orange Sunshine, Johnny Cohen and the NewAge Nazis, Sunwheel, White Trash Minstrels, Leviathan and Panty Boy. Varying frombiker blues, horror surf and acid punkdrug rock, ultra-doom and spaced outpsychedelia, this limited black label edition comes with beautiful psychedelicsilk-screen artwork by Zeloot, recommended to all cult freaks! ::: you know about this..It's a MUST HAVE!

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